Almost Adept on the way to release #1

A few days ago, I got a galley proof of my novel Almost Adept from my publisher, Burst Books. All the editing has been done already, so I couldn’t do any rewrites, just check for errors and fill an errata sheet. I read it, and it made me unhappy. I would’ve written so many passages differently now, but it’s too late. Why didn’t I see those problems before? Extraneous adverbs, awkward sentences, wrong word choices. Nothing major, but details make all the difference. One of the reasons, I suppose, is that the text is in a different font and format than the version I worked on with my editor. With my second novel, I’m going to change the font during the editing process and see what jumps at me.

And I still don’t have a cover for this novel. I’m so impatient to see what the artist will come up with.

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2 Responses to Almost Adept on the way to release #1

  1. Rebecca says:

    stabs at your heart doesn’t it. Don’t worry. I’m sure few, if any will notice. I like the font change idea. I’ll have to give that a try.

  2. Rita Bay says:

    You are most critical of your own work. Some of the top romance authors put out second editions of their books to improve their stories. I can promise you will love your cover. Champagne Burst has some of the best.

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