Fantasy Character Interview #4

DragonReading_Logo4My new guest is Lady Elizabeth Prudence White, the heroine of Linda Hays-Gibbs’s Paranormal Regency Romance “My Angel, My Light as Darkness Falls”.

1. Tell me a little about yourself—your name, profession, where you live, do you have a family, the usual.

I’m 18 and just had my first kiss at my first ball. I am a lady. I am not allowed to work and I can’t inherit from an estate, if it is entailed. My parents had a horrible accident and are dead. My twin brother, Michael David Densington White, the sixth Earl of White, is wonderful to me and he is all the family I have left. I have been sheltered all my life and I am so afraid of this war we are in with Napoleon.

2. What happened to you, so you ended up in this crazy adventure the novel talks about?

You want me to say how I ended up in my present disastrous predicament? First let me state, I am a lady and it’s really hard being sheltered and then all alone. Let me see? Well, clearly I had no idea about the war. I was horrified for my brother to just go into the army, since we are all alone in this world, but for him to really engage in the war? Oh my, I can’t fathom it. My mind still baulks at the very idea. [She cries and snuffles… takes a handkerchief out of her pocket and blows her nose gently, dabs at her eyes.]
I’m so very sorry, I apologize! I had to take a moment to control myself. You see I also had a proposal of marriage from a Duke that night at the ball! [Pru sighs and dabs again at her face.]
It was all so wonderful and then that man came into the ball and interrupted it with news that Napoleon had come at last. It was so quick. They all left and then… then… no word… nothing. Finally, I went to that horrible battlefield! I walked, can you believe everyone had left. There were no horses.
Oh, I know I should have stayed in England but I was so afraid. I begged my brother to bring me with him. There I was so close to the battle. I could hear the cannons and the gunfire. I shall never forget the horror. [Pru turns her head and makes a face filled with pain.]
Please forgive me. Anyway, I did find people to help me and this marvelously handsome man that later I locked in my closet and this ghost of my fiancé that plagued me night after night. Thankfully the handsome man held me in the night. You see I’m terribly afraid at night so I needed someone. I had an angel too and he helped with the vampire, ghost and witch but excuse me, I’m getting ahead of myself. I know… I know… it’s terribly confusing! Needless to say it was an adventure! An adventure of a lifetime and I did meet my husband after all was done, but you must read the story. I laughed, I cried and went a little insane, but I was so terribly sheltered you see, before all these things occurred. I like to think I did manage to grow up through it all. Thank you so much for asking.

3. Who held you in the night when you started screaming?

Oh my! Well, he turned out to be a Frenchman Vampire that followed me from the battlefield, and the horrible vampire that made him, followed him too. If my brother hadn’t sent an angel to guard me, I shudder to think what might have happened. I didn’t know he was French or a vampire. You see, he didn’t speak! He would just hold me when I was screaming on the battlefield, and when I had nightmares after that. I mean, well I would wake up screaming and he would envelope me in his arms. It was oh so comforting. Then when my nightmares would cease he would leave.

Why did I lock him in the closet? Well, my husband to be came home, and I was in his castle uninvited. I was cleaning the windows up high, don’t you know? It was a mess, that castle and anyway, I fell on Pierre and he was unconscious, so I had to hide him! I’m sure you understand my problem.

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