Fantasy Character Interview #10

DragonReading_Logo4Today, my guest is Kealan Machaon, the male protagonist of my fantasy novel Almost Adept.

1. Tell me a little about yourself—your name, profession, where you live, do you have a family, the usual.

I’m Kealan Machaon. I live in Grumesh. Before the war with Roodim ten years ago, I was the Captain of the High Guard, the elite fighting force of the Grumesh Republic. Then the Roodiman Empire invaded my country, and I became an outlaw. My family is no more, the High Guard has been disbanded, and all my surviving former comrades are in hiding, under a death sentence. I myself lead a double life. Overtly, I make my living as a courier, under an assumed name. I couldn’t even keep my own name – there is a price on my head.
Fortunately, while delivering packages all around the countryside and abroad, I’m able to smuggle my former comrades out of Grumesh, one family at a time. With those who decided to stay and fight, we’ve kept the underground resistance going for the past ten years. I’m still their captain, but recently, I began to doubt our purpose. Perhaps we should stop fighting and learn to live under the new regime? Most of the citizens of Grumesh have accepted the new rule and are doing very well. If only the Roodiman army would stop hunting us.

2. What happened to you, so you ended up in this crazy adventure the novel talks about?

I delivered a parcel to a mage in the neighboring kingdom of Varelia. At the mage’s home, I encountered his young daughter, Lady Eri, also a magician. Then fate brought us together again, Eri and me, on the way back to Grumesh. It seems we have been traveling to the same destination. She is such a pretty little magician, naïve and spoiled. I wasn’t going to allow such an innocent girl to get entangled in my affairs – I have a price on my head, remember – but she wouldn’t listen. For some reason, this charming lassie decided to help me and my cause. She is going to get all my comrades out of Grumesh, out of danger, with her magic. I’ll do all I can to help her.

3. Do you love Eri? AlmostAdept-EBOOK_small

I think I’m falling in love with her, yes, but I’ll never tell her. She has been flirting with me too, the silly girl, but what can I offer to a beautiful foreign magician fifteen years younger than me? She has shining eyes and a glorious future, while I have no home, no position, and no future, only my troubles and my enemies. I can’t take advantage of her.

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One Response to Fantasy Character Interview #10

  1. Julie Luek says:

    Olga, thank you for pointing out your blog. I have it added to my reading list now. This was a fun way to talk about your book!

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