Fantasy Character Interview #12

DragonReading_Logo4Today, my guest is Ashley Thurber, the sixteen-year-old protagonist of Stan Morris’s science fiction YA novel Sam’s Winnings (Book 1 of Tales of the Ragoon).

1. Tell me a little about yourself—your name, profession, where you live, do you have a family, the usual.

My name is Ashley Thurber, and I’m sixteen years old. I was a sophomore at Oakdale High School, but at the moment, I’m a prisoner living at the Merced Human Rehabilitation Center in Merced, California. I’m blond and blue eyed, and I have an older brother and a younger sister. My crime? Technically, it is “failure to report a change in property ownership.” The property in question is me. You see, several years ago, our solar system was invade by Aliens. We call them “the Ragoon,” and they are very creepy aliens that look like giant lizards, except that they don’t have tails.
According to the newspapers, they are businesspeople who need huge amounts of stuff, like hydrogen and helium, from the giant planets in our solar system. They have some kind of code that requires them to pay us for the gas, but it seems like that is just an excuse to meddle in our business. We have to do anything they tell us to do, because there are just too many of them, and they have these tiny cameras that can spy on us. They could wipe us out if they wanted to.
They are hermaphrodites, and they are very prejudiced against people who have more than one gender; men and women, you know? The lady who was Secretary-General of the United Nations said that whenever they invade a solar system that has people with more than one gender, they make one gender become the property of the other gender. So on Earth, they said that woman were now the property of men. My dad is deceased, which means that, technically, I was the property of my brother.

2. What happened to you, so you ended up in this crazy adventure the novel talks about?

Most of the time, Americans just ignore this stupid rule, but sometimes things can happen. You see, my dumb older brother, Jack, was playing poker with a couple of his friends, and they wanted a fourth, so they made this kid, Sam, sit in on the game. Sam was only an eighth grader, and he had this ridiculous crush on me, which was really annoying. Anyway, Sam was winning the poker game, and Jack out of money, so he bet ME! Can you imagine? I have to admit, he had a very good hand, but still… I’m sure you know what happened next. Sam won me, so technically he became my owner. Of course, we all said it was just a joke, even Sam. The problem is that, at my social media sites, I posted what had happened. I didn’t know the lizards were monitoring those sites.
The next thing I knew, our high school, and Sam’s middle school were invaded by the aliens, and we were all arrested for not reporting the change in my ownership status. Jack was shipped to the mines on the moon, and the rest of us were sent to the Human Rehab Center. At first, I was living in a barracks with a bunch of other girls, but recently they moved me to a room in the administration building, so now I’m living in this room with Sam. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.
Sam has been pretty cool about the whole thing. Something really embarrassing happened the day they moved me into this room, something that made me cry, but Sam was very nice, and I’ve realized that he’s a decent boy. He doesn’t take advantage of me at all, even though I belong to him, and even though the lizards make us sleep in the same bed.

3. Do you like Sam?

Do you mean like as in, do you like him as a friend? The answer is yes, I do. Right now he’s my best friend. He’s trying to get us out of here, and he sticks up for me, even though I keep telling him to be cool and do whatever the lizards tell us to do. I just want to get out of here. I sure my mom is worried sick.
If you mean, would I like him for a boyfriend, then if he was older, maybe I would. But he’s only going to be a freshman, and I was supposed to be a junior, except that now I have to repeat my sophomore year, because that was included in my sentence. Our ages are just too far apart.

You can find out more about Stan Morris on his Website, Twitter or Pinterest

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