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The tower of writers

Found it on BookLikes – such a lovely image. Where would you want to be in this abode of scribes? Avoiding Cliche Island (bottom right) is mandatory for your writerly well-being. I’m entering the plot labyrinth.   Advertisements

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What I learned from my fiction

My fellow Champagne writer Elizabeth Fountain invited me to be a guest on her blog Point No Point. The theme of my post there: what I learned from my fiction. Thank you, Liz.

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Fantasy Character Interview #20

Today, I interviewed Turold, the Magnificent from  Joshua Grasso’s comic epic fantasy novel The Astrologer’s Portrait. 1. Tell us a little about yourself—name, profession, home, family, the usual. To begin, let me apologize for crossing the disputed borders, which I certainly … Continue reading

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My new story on Wattpad – Amber Spirit

Posted my new short story Amber Spirit on wattpad. Spirits only stay on Earth when they have an unfinished business. This spirit tries to finish her business. She needs to find a writing body.

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Wattpad and Pinterest

I’m exploring new social sites. 1. is a site where writers post what they want, and readers read what they want. Everything is free. Some writers post serial novels there or updated versions of the same story, based on … Continue reading

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How to end a short story

I’ve been inundated by short stories lately. For a couple of years, I haven’t written a short story. I’ve been busy with my novels. Suddenly, short stories exploded in my brain. I wrote one story about a mother in a … Continue reading

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