Cover art at Wattpad

Winter ChoiceAnother of my short fantasy stories found its way to Wattpad: Winter Choice. The blurb: Princess Svetlana, Czarina Marfa’s own sorceress, must choose between love and justice.
The story obviously has some Russian flavor, and I was looking for a cover to reflect it. I found the image among the vintage Fedoskino boxes.

Fedoskino is a village near Moscow. Since 18th century, the artists of the village have produced miniature painted lacquer boxes. Even now, Fedoskino is well known outside of Russia. Together with Palekh and Hohloma, Fedoskino represents the best in Russian folk art.

Some of the artists working for the Fedoskino art factory are amazing. Of course, they haven’t been born in the village, they just found a job there after completing their art education. Employment at Fedoskino is one of the best and most prestigious places for a Russian artist to work.

Artist Nadia StrelkinaThe themes of their miniatures range from Russian fairy tales to reproductions of old masters to amazing floral or landscape compositions, to the original and unique paintings of such fantastic artists as Nadia Strelkina. I love her art so much I couldn’t resist putting the image here, although it has no connection to my story.




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