Eagle En Garde on the web

EagleEnGarde_smallCarmen Fox interviewed me on her website about Eagle En Garde. Read the interview here. Thanks, Carmen.

I also got a nice review for the novel on BookLikes. You can read it here. Below is an excerpt from the review. It makes me happy.

“I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did.

While all the characters were wonderful and seemed to come alive in the text, easily my favorites were Amba the dwarf, Yagoslav the Elf, and Darin, of course. Amba won my heart with his bookstore; I need it so badly to be a real place! I swear I could smell the scrolls and see the loaded shelves. Yagoslav was an interesting character, more complicated then most Elves I’ve seen, particularly since he was the wise mage Elf. I really enjoyed his discussions with Darin. And what of the main character? Darin was a complex character who may kill people but also has a deep sense of justice and right or wrong. He was…real, which is extremely important in a fantasy novel. Through his eyes, the fantastical world is introduced to us as normal and understandable. One of my favorite parts was the sword dance he did at a festival, it was described succinctly – not too much but enough for you to be able to picture it perfectly.”

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