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Birthday with a dragon

On Oct 23 last year, I wrote my first post here. Many marketing gurus say that a writer’s website should be her foremost sales tool, but my blog isn’t that. I don’t sell anything. My website serves mostly as an … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde said…

Reblogged from Interesting Literature Oscar Wilde was born on this day, Oct 16,  in 1854. Below are ten of the best Wildean one-liners. I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. … Continue reading

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Fantasy artists – a call to art

Lately, I’ve been fascinated by book covers in the genre I write – fantasy. There are some outstanding covers, highly original, but they are rare. Below are random examples of the covers I like.   They all carry the atmosphere … Continue reading

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Nude Bargain on Wattpad

I posted another short story on Wattpad. Nude Bargain is a science fiction story about a young art dealer in space. Could she save her ship and crew from the ruthless space pirates? What is art worth in space? Read … Continue reading

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My character and I on the web

This week, my character Eriale from my novel Almost Adept and I, its author, stand side by side. We have both been interviewed by Alexandra Butcher on her blog. I think Eriale’s interview is way more interesting than mine, but … Continue reading

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Promotion – ready, aim, fire

When a writer promotes herself, how should she target her promotional arrows? Does my promotion aim in the heart of specific readers, so those readers will fall in love with me as a writer? Or the aim is to make … Continue reading

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