Wattpad and I

I finally finished transferring all my published short stories, 14 so far, to Wattpad. The last to go was the fantasy story Magic, Sword… and Turnips (read it here).

My new bunch of short stories are on submission, floating in cyberspace. There are currently 4 of them, all fantasy. I also have ideas for a couple more, but maybe I should stop writing short stories for a while and concentrate on novels.

My next project on Wattpad: I want to transfer there my translation of Alexander Grin’s novella Scarlet Sails. It was originally published in Russian in 1923, so its copyright has expired. I want to offer it to the English-language readers. It’s a beautiful story, romantic and charming.

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3 Responses to Wattpad and I

  1. blondeusk says:

    How is your Wattpad experience going?

  2. Jay Dee says:

    I wanted to ask the same thing as blondeusk. I’m curious about Wattpad, but haven’t done much research into it. I know a couple others who are considering it, too.

  3. Olga Godim says:

    The only reason I posted my stories to Wattpad was to get people to read them. I’m gaining readers there, although slowly. A couple of my stories have already had more than 100 reads, and the numbers are growing. Not many likes or comments, but I only started a few months ago. It’s a way to reach readers. There are much more people there than could ever read my website, where the stories were originally, before I ‘relocated’ them. All in all, a positive experience. And crafting covers for my stories was fun.

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