Sharing my stories: Wattpad or what?

IWSGA post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

When I first decided to make my short stories, previously published in magazines, available to my readers, I chose Wattpad as the place to post my stories, and I link to it from my blog. I like the site, it’s free for both readers and writers, and the UI is fairly simple. I have 15 stories on Wattpad by now, BUT…

There seems to be a problem on Wattpad. For some reason, a couple of my stories keep disappearing from the list of my published works. It’s already happened 5 times (and not with the same titles). Even before I put all my stories on Wattpad, one or two often went missing. I would complain to their help desk, they would restore all the stories, and a few days later, a couple of different titles would vanish again.

Obviously, Wattpad is not geared to support numbers larger than two or three for one account. Most people post novels there, so the number glitch is somewhat understandable. I decided to remove some stories from Wattpad, but I still want to share them with my readers. I’m searching for another similar site that allows writers to post their portfolios for free.

I’ve already investigated a few sites. There is WriteOn, an Amazon affiliate, but I don’t like their conditions. It looks like whatever I might post there could become their property. There are a few other sites, some free, others requiring a small fee for anything more sophisticated than the basic services. I’m still looking, and my stories keep disappearing from Wattpad.

Does anyone know of a good free website for a writer’s portfolio? I have several new stories, currently on submission to magazines, but after they’re published, I want to add them to my portfolio. Where can I do that with stability? Any suggestions? Anyone tried a site and liked it?


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6 Responses to Sharing my stories: Wattpad or what?

  1. Smashwords? I know some people say the interface is difficult. I haven’t tried publishing there, just found books to read. Or you could just publish them here on WordPress? I have a self-hosted homepage with fan fiction on WordPress.

  2. Donna Hole says:

    I suppose you could host your own site? Marketing is difficult, and I have no experience there. I’ll be anxious to follow your journey though 🙂

    Hey, I got your email with the guest post; just haven’t had time yet to do more than open it. Looks great. I’ll reply e-mail when I get it all put together in the post. Probably Sunday or Monday. Have a good weekend Olga.

  3. Toi Thomas says:

    This is an issue and I hadn’t considered. Usually if I want to share something I post to my blog, but that wouldn’t work if I wanted to post a whole novel. I’m interested to see what turns up. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amy Keeley says:

    If you have YA readers, might be worth looking into. I had a lot of fun posting stories there (many years ago). However, it seems geared more toward novel-length works. If you have short stories, I think your best option is to post them on your own blog/site and use a Twitter hashtag (e.g. #MondayBlogs, #ArchiveDay, etc.) to promote them.

    Good luck with your search. Looking forward to seeing your solution.

    • Amy Keeley says:

      (I’m pretty sure the hashtags I mentioned will be okay with stories. I think there are some specific to fiction, though. Just thought I’d mention that.)

  5. I’d suggest simply publishing them yourself via Smashwords and Amazon.

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