Fantasy Character Interview #21

DragonReading_Logo4This series hasn’t had a new post since last year, but today I have an exciting new guest – Rhianna Pendragon, the heroine of Katherine Roberts’ children fantasy (age 9-12) series The Pendragon Legacy. The series includes four novels:
# 1: Sword of Light
# 2: Lance of Truth
# 3 Crown of Dreams
# 4: Grail of Stars

1. Tell us a little about yourself – name, profession, home, family, the usual.

My name is Rhianna Pendragon, though I had no idea about the ‘Pendragon’ part until my wicked cousin Mordred killed my father. It was quite a shock when Merlin brought King Arthur’s body through the enchanted mists and told me I was the king’s daughter and heiress to the throne of Camelot.
I grew up in Avalon with Lord Avallach’s people, and though I always knew I was human (I couldn’t do magic like my friend Elphin and I fell off a lot while I was learning to ride my mist horse), I’d always assumed I was just another unwanted baby some poor woman had left on a hillside in the human world for the fairies to find. But that ‘poor woman’ turned out to be none other than King Arthur’s queen Guinevere, giving me a far better claim to the throne than my cousin Mordred, who apparently thought he was the heir to Camelot until he found out about me. I must have ruined his day, because after that, he became my arch-enemy and sent dragons and his witch-mother after me, meaning I had to fight like mad to claim my inheritance… but that’s the next question, isn’t it? Oh, my profession? I’m a Warrior Princess.


2. What happened to you, so you ended up in these crazy adventures the novels talk about?

My cousin Mordred killed my father, King Arthur, in a duel at the Battle of Camlann, and Merlin decided that would be the perfect time to tell me who my real parents were. I wish he’d told me sooner, because even though I eventually got to meet my mother, Queen Guinevere, I’d have liked to meet my father while he was still alive! As it is, I had to make do with King Arthur’s ghost.
Since Mordred’s witch-mother Morgan le Fay had put a dark spell over the human lands, Merlin sent me on a quest to find the four magical Lights – the Sword Excalibur, forged in Avalon; the Lance of Truth, made by the hands of men; the Crown of Dreams, which hides the jewel of Annwn; and the Grail said to hold all the stars in Heaven – to rescue my mother and Camelot from Mordred. Fortunately, I had some good friends to help me: Lord Avallach’s son Elphin, who can do magic, my squire Cai, whom none of the other knights at Camelot wanted, and my maid Arianrhod, who used to be Morgan le Fay’s maid. Oh, and my fairy horse Alba, of course. Dragons? Bring them on!

3. You’ve probably been too busy fighting dragons and searching for the Grail to think about marriage, but is there anyone special in your life? Who’s going to be the next king of Camelot?

Well, Mordred fancied himself for that role, obviously. He even once (in a rare moment when he wasn’t trying to kill me) suggested we got together romantically. Yeuch! I guess he must have been handsome enough before my father sliced his face with Excalibur in their final duel, but he’s older than me and he’s my cousin. I really like Prince Elphin, though… he can cast a spell on me any time with his enchanted harp. He has soft dark curls, green eyes, and six sensitive fingers on each hand. Mixed marriages, do they ever work? I’m a bit young yet for that sort of thing but I sometimes wonder what our children would look like.

You could find out more about Katherine Roberts on her Website, her Blog or her Twitter page.

Buy the books at
Sword of Light
Lance of Truth
Crown of Dreams
Grail of Stars


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  1. Wow! What a wild combination of quests and creatures. I should get reading.

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