Fibs in the Family, Chapter 1

Cover Fibs in the FamilyI’m embarking on a new adventure – writing romance. I’ve never written a romance story before; most of my stories and novels so far have been fantasy. I always liked reading romance though, and one of my favorite writers is Georgette Heyer.
My new novella Fibs in the Family is a tribute to Heyer. The story is set during Regency, and like Heyer, I avoid sex scenes. The most the characters do in the story is kiss and dream. It’s a clean romance, nothing erotic.
Unexpectedly, I’m having fun writing a love story, but because I chuck the smut, I can’t hope for a regular regency market. I decided to go a different route and post the story on Wattpad, one chapter at a time. Hopefully, I’ll find my readers there.
A retired officer + an inventive young woman = love and trouble

Captain Alex Woodward was fighting Napoleonic troops on the Peninsula, until his wounds forced him to retire. Now he must travel to an estate of his former comrade, killed by the enemies, to fulfill his promise to the slain officer and help his sisters any way he could.
The eldest sister Rebecca comes up with the way of helping them that is somewhat unscrupulous, but Alex’s promise wouldn’t let him to back off. The young woman is unexpectedly attractive too.

You can read Chapter 1 and 2 here.

I’m also inviting comments, both here and on wattpad. Please go at it folks. All your suggestions and critique would be welcome.

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One Response to Fibs in the Family, Chapter 1

  1. blondeusk says:

    Sounds interesting! Good luck with the romance. I have tried doing romance but I end up killing one of the characters or turning it into something else

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