Fibs in the Family – new cover

Cover_FibsInTheFamily_largeMy regency romance novella Fibs in the Family on Wattpad finally got a new cover. I made it myself using a charming painting by the Flemish artist Joseph-François Ducq (1763-1829). The image is so fitting, it feels like I traveled to the artist’s studio in Bruges specifically to commission the painting. Maybe I did… Or maybe, by some magical means, he read my story all those centuries ago and liked it so much that it inspired him to paint a cover for it.
A retired officer + an enterprising young woman = love and trouble

Captain Alex Woodward was fighting Napoleonic troops on the Peninsula, until his wounds forced him to retire. Now he travels to an estate of his former comrade, killed by the enemies, to fulfill his promise and help the slain officer’s sisters any way he could.
The estate is entailed, but the eldest sister Rebecca comes up with an ingenious solution to their problem. Although Rebecca’s idea is highly irregular and somewhat illegal, Alex’s promise wouldn’t let him to back off.
It could’ve been easy, if their mutual attraction didn’t complicate matters. And then, Rebecca’s brother’s secret past comes to light, and a worse entanglement ensues. 


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5 Responses to Fibs in the Family – new cover

  1. Love the cover! Especially the font — color and style fit so well with the image / story 🙂

  2. dolorah says:

    This is quite a deviation for you Olga. Cool that you are spreading your writing wings. I do like the cover.

  3. It’s a beautiful cover, congratulations!

  4. nellirees says:

    Even before I read the blog post I said, what a beautiful cover! 🙂 Well done, it looks very good for the story.

  5. Brilliant cover – and title. What family doesn’t have a fib or two in hiding.

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