Sometimes we succeed

IWSG_NewBadge2016It’s the first Wednesday of the month again, time for a post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group

The month of March has been good for me, so instead of venting my insecurities, today I’ll brag a little.

1. Two of my short stories have been accepted for publication. One, Hidden in the Mirror, is already published in You can read it here.
Another one, Tail to Treasure, will be published in November 2016 by Bloodbond. Both publications are paying markets. They don’t pay much, $10 and $20 respectively, but I feel almost like a jackpot winner.
I have had many of my short stories published but not recently. I had a few years break, when I didn’t write any short stories and concentrated on the longer form. Then I started writing shorts again. In the past year and a half, I’ve written a dozen short stories in various speculative fiction genres: fantasy, sci-fi, magic realism. I’ve been submitting them to magazines, not very aggressively but steadily. Interesting that both stories that have been accepted are themed. They fit the current theme of the publication PRESIZELY. I guess that’s why they were accepted first among the recent bunch. A lesson to learn, surely.

2. My Wattpad stories are doing well too. My Regency romance novella Fibs in the Family topped the 1,000 reads mark, and I had some very flattering comments. And my translation from Russian – the novella Scarlet Sails by Alexander Grin – crossed the 2,000 reads line.

3. In February, I participated in a Valentine blog hop (a theme, again). Every participant wrote something – flash fiction, non-fiction, or poetry – in less than 1000 words. My contribution was a flash fiction Hannah’s Rugelach. You can read it here. We all read each other’s posts and commented – you know how blog hops go. I received many encouraging comments. Then in the beginning of March, the organizers announced the three top stories. My story won the second place.

4. I learned a new skill. I now know how to have a text curve in an arch using – the program I prefer to create my own book covers. I tried it on a few of practice covers, and it looks nice. Perhaps I should offer my services as a book cover designer. I can’t paint and I don’t know some complex visual effects yet, but if a writer has an image in mind, I can create a simple cover for her. I could also offer fiction editing – another possible service.
Sometimes it’s therapeutic to look back at your life and list all your successes, even the tiny ones. We all tend to concentrate on failures (e. g. of my 12 stories only 2 got accepted so far) but successes are even more important. They infuse us with a dose of happiness.

What about you? Any successes lately? Big ones? Tiny ones? Tell me in the comments. Let’s celebrate together, folks.


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11 Responses to Sometimes we succeed

  1. violafury says:

    Congratulations on getting your stories published! I have yet to get that far, but that is okay; I’m working on it. I’m your co-host for this month, Viola Fury, aka Mary! I wish you further success, too!

  2. Celia Reaves says:

    Well done! You are entirely justified in feeling like you hit the jackpot. May it be the first step in a whole trail of jackpots!

  3. HI, Olga,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. WOW, CONGRATS! You should be very proud of selling two of your stories! I find it fascinating that you translate from Russian… That is so interesting. I always admire people who speak more than one language….I was also very impressed on how many books you have written and had published. CONGRATS on that, too. I will definitely check out your stories the first chance I get. Super busy right now with all the preparations for the closing of my condo in Florida… So excited about not having to spend another freezing winter in Chicago. (Snow is forecasted for tomorrow … UGH!)

    How cool that you can design covers. Maybe you can enter on of yours in the contest…. I still haven’t submitted yet, but I certainly will soon… Thanks again for telling me. I appreciate it.

    All the best with your endeavors…. See you at the next IWSG….

  4. spunkonastick says:

    Congrats on all accounts.

    Good cover art is desperately needed.

  5. Gwen Gardner says:

    Congratulations, Olga. You are doing so awesome this year. Good for you!

  6. nellirees says:

    Well done, Olga! Excellent news and great achievements!

  7. jenlanebooks says:

    Great reminder to stop back and smell the success now and then. 🙂 Congratulations! I’ve never written a short story since I’m such a novel-writing windbag, but it sounds intriguing.

  8. Sounds like you are doing really well. I love writing short stories too. I should get back to it again.

  9. cheriereich says:

    Congrats! Those are some great things to celebrate! 🙂

  10. Denise Covey says:

    Olga, it was lovely to read your post. I applaud your successes and know how much it means to you to have stories accepted. I rarely submit anything, but a time is coming when I’ll get my act together. I’m always too busy travelling and writing for the travel market, but many stories are in various stages of dress or undress.

    Your WEP story Hannah’s Rugelach was unforgettable. I loved it so much. If you ever expand on it, let me know.

    I’d be interested in what you say about creating book covers. I did all my last one myself for Under the Tuscan Moon as my book-cover designer let me down last minute. I’ve not explored paint, but I obviously should.

    Thank you for visiting me for the IWSG. Lovely to keep in touch.

    Denise 😉

  11. Congratulations! I’m glad to see I’m in good company. I’ll be in next month’s Bloodbond! Good luck with cover making. It does seem themed stories sell quicker.

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