Free book covers

I can create a cover for your ebook. As I’m starting out as a cover designer, I decided to do it for free for a while to gain a portfolio.

All my covers will use existing images from a variety of sources. One image per cover. If you already have an image, I will use it. If not, I have collected several hundred images, mostly by classical artists whose copyrights are expired. You can browse through my collection of images on Pinterest. Most (but not all) of what you see there is available for you as a cover picture. If you like a picture, let me know. If it is not available, I will suggest a similar alternative. I can also search for images on stock photo websites, but you will have to pay the price of purchasing such an image.

My preferred genres:

  • Regency and historical romance
  • Historical fiction
  • Quasi-medieval fantasy
  • Historical cozy mystery
  • Paranormal historical

The majority of the images I have fit one of the above categories, so the turnout will be very fast, about one week. I can do other genres as well, but they will require more time for image search.

I will need from you:

  • A short summary of your book, including the genre
  • The details of the setting – time period, location (e.g. city, forest, sea), season/weather
  • Physical descriptions of your protagonists
  • The texts on the cover – author’s name, book title, series name, tagline, etc.
  • Your preferred font descriptions (e.g. Italics, Celtic, curly, etc.) or samples. If you insist on a commercial font, you’ll have to pay the price of purchasing the font. Otherwise, I use free fonts.

If you have a cover or two in mind that you like, send me the links or the pictures. I’ll use them as a guideline. If you have a suggestion (e.g. “a half-naked lady with her head cut off” or “a medieval castle and a mouse”), let me know. I will accommodate your wishes if I can.

The standard cover size is 1400 pixels by 2100 pixels, unless you request different dimensions.

I’ll do a maximum of 3 versions.

You can see the cover I made for my novella Fibs in the Family here. Or browse through my flash fiction pages. I made all those covers too.

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4 Responses to Free book covers

  1. Thanks, good to know. Blessings!

  2. I’d love a real designer cover for my next book The Snowman, but it’s a murder mystery. Not in your list of choices. I’ll be self-publishing, hopefully by the end of the year. My goal and why I’m taking time off in May. We must discuss. 🙂

  3. I don’t have any books needing covers, but this is a fantastic offer!

  4. Lidy says:

    They don’t fit your preferred genres but I have some Wattpad stories in need of new covers. One of which fits your quasi-medieval fantasy but the rest is urban, contemporary and supernatural fantasy.

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