Do you have goals – May report

DoYouHaveGoalsI joined the blog hop Do You Have Goals. I just learned about it, and it seems a great idea to keep score and report once a month. Misha Gericke and Beth Fred are managing this monthly blog hop, and I’d like to say: wonderful undertaking, ladies. So what happened with my writing in May?

Short stories
May seemed to be a short story month for me.

  • Wrote and finished   – 2 new short stories. One is still unfinished.
  • Submitted                  – 2 stories
  • Rejected                     – 1 story
  • Accepted                     – 3 short stories and 1 flash fiction story

No progress here. My regency romance novella on Wattpad, Fibs in the Family, keeps collecting readers (2.2K by now) and Likes, but I can’t seem to resume working on the second novella of the series.

Only goals here. Both my fantasy novels are still under the copyright with the publisher, with practically no sales. Both contracts should expire next year, and I would like to reedit the novels, make new covers, and self-publish. Haven’t started anything yet.

Some of my online friends may already know that I write for a local newspaper. In May, I have written 3 articles. One of them was published, and the other 2 are already with the editor. They will be published next month.

Art projects
Created a badge for the WEP blog hop Gardens, which will happen in August. Denise Covey and Yolanda Renee, my friends who run the WEP website, asked me to, and it was a fascinating project.

Goals for June

  • Finish one short story still unfinished. It’s about half-done, but no ending yet. Still mulling it over. No ideas for new short stories, and I’m glad. I want to return to the longer form.
  • Find magazines to submit 3 short stories that are out of circulation at the moment. Keep submitting new and old stories.
  • Resume working of the second regency novella. My ultimate goal here is not clear: either to post it on Wattpad, like the first one, or publish on Amazon.
  • Advertise (somehow) my offer to create free book covers for ebooks. I want to do it, I really do, and I think I can create nice covers, but not many people are aware of that.
  • I have a page on facebook but it is inactive at the moment. I want to activate it, start looking at friends, groups, etc.
  • My ongoing goal – look for a critic group in fantasy genre. Don’t know how yet.
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3 Responses to Do you have goals – May report

  1. Misha says:

    Welcome to the bloghop!

    You made some awesome progress this month.

    As for advertising your cover-making skills: Have you joined the Multimedia Club on Wattpad? People are always looking for covers on there.

    Best of luck with your goals for June!

  2. How long do you wait to put the out of circulation short stories back out there? Just curious, as I now have a chunk of them that are fully mine again. Congratulations on your short story and flash sales! And good luck with your ongoing goals.

  3. Olga Godim says:

    Shannon, I never resubmit my stories after they are published. Most magazines want unpublished stories anyway. They all also have some clause in their contracts about its length: from a couple of months to a year after the publication. After that expires, I put my stories out for free reads on Wattpad or FictionPress.
    What I meant when I said ‘out of circulation’ was that some stories are just sitting in my computer. I have trouble finding a fitting market for them. So far, each one of them has been rejected but not resubmitted anywhere else.

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