Do you have goals – June report

DoYouHaveGoalsIt is time again for the monthly blog hop Do You Have Goals, hosted by Misha Gericke and Beth Fred. Here is what happened with my writing in June?

Short stories
Didn’t do so well in June as I did in May, but then May was an extraordinary month for my short stories. In June:

  • Wrote and finished  – 1 story.
  • Submitted                  – 5 stories
  • Rejected                     – 2 stories
  • Accepted                    – 1 story
  • Published                  – 1 story

No progress here. My regency romance novella on Wattpad, Fibs in the Family, keeps collecting readers (2.6K by now) and Likes, but I can’t seem to resume working on the second novella of the series.

No progress.


  • Articles written – 2
  • Articles published – 3

Art projects
Created a cover for Lidy Wilks’s Wattpad novella The Soul Traveler. It was a fascinating project. Lidy seemed happy, which made me happy too.

A couple years ago, I translated a Russian novella Scarlet Sails by Alexander Grin into English. I love the story, it’s very famous in Russia, and I wanted the English-speaking readers to be able to read it. I put it up on Wattpad. A couple weeks ago, I got a comment on my blog page dedicated to that translation. Here it is:

Hello Olga, firstly thank you. I had not actually heard of Alexander Grin until I by chance met a beautiful Russian lady called Alissa. We started chatting and she explained that she was a student of philology. She began to tell me of the Scarlet Sails. I immediately googled a translation and arrived at yours within the first ten seconds of her reading it to me; I had fallen in love with the story and also with her, so thank you for your beautiful translation. If Alissa had not read it to me I would not have fallen in love with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

It made me smile for the rest of the day.

Goals for June

  • Keep submitting my short stories. Ultimately, I want all of them published by a magazine once, before I put them up on FictionPress as free reads. Of my latest bunch, 6 have already found their homes: either published or will be published in the next few months. The other 9 are still homeless.
  • Resume working on the second regency novella. My ultimate goal here is not clear: either to post it on Wattpad, like the first one, or publish on Amazon.
  • Do something with my facebook page. I want to activate it, start looking at friends, groups, etc.
  • My ongoing goal – look for a critic group in fantasy genre. Don’t know how yet.





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3 Responses to Do you have goals – June report

  1. Denise Covey says:

    Olga, was fascinated by your projects. I wish you every success for next month! And am so excited at your publication success in the previous post. 🙂

  2. You are doing really well with your writing. Congratulations on getting short stories accepted and published – I know how hard that is. Well done.

  3. S. M. Pace says:

    Congratulations on getting so much accomplished. In response to your last goal for June, I would recommend Scribophile if you haven’t tried them yet. There are several awesome fantasy crit groups there.

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