Question of the Month – July 2016

UnicornsBlue_BadgeText2It is the first Monday of July, time again for the Question of the Month blog hop, hosted by Michael D’Agostino @ A Life Examined. This month, Michael asked us all a question:

What was the first book (or book series) you really fell in love with?

This is such a complex question for me, because at different times in my life I fell in love with different writers, even different genres. But I’ll go with one writer who turned my life: Mercedes Lackey. Her fantasy novel Magic Pawn, one of the first in her Valdemar series, was the first novel of sword and sorcery fantasy I ever read.

You see, I grew up in Soviet Russia. Fantasy as a literary genre didn’t exist there. I always liked stories with adventures and magic, so I devoured what was available: myths, legends, and medieval romances. When we immigrated to Canada, I still didn’t know about the genre of fantasy, but the selection of books in English was much wider.

Once, I passed a bookstore and saw a book in the window display: a young man, dressed in some kind of medieval garb, hugging a white horse. I didn’t go in and buy the book but I remembered the cover and the first name of the author – Mercedes. I didn’t even remember her last name.

The image of the book cover haunted me, so some time later, I went to our local library and explained everything to the librarian. I asked if she could find the book for me. She did.

I was enchanted with the story and I fell in love with the entire genre. I started reading other books by Mercedes Lackey, and then other fantasy authors. Years later, I started writing fantasy as well.

I don’t read Lackey anymore; I found writers in the genre who suit me much better – Sharon Shinn, Patricia Briggs, Terry Pratchett, Wen Spencer, to name a few – but Magic Pawn by Mercedes Lackey will always have a special meaning for me. If I didn’t notice the book in that bookstore, I might never have become a fantasy writer.




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4 Responses to Question of the Month – July 2016

  1. Pat Hatt says:

    The path things create for us is neat when we look back at it. Good it was found. First time I’ve heard of it though at my sea.

  2. Susan says:

    What a cool story, Olga! I’m sure your readers are glad you found Mercedes Lackey also!

  3. I wonder how Lackey would feel knowing the effect that book had on the direction of your life?

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