Three stories published

Bragging! I have 3 of my short stories published in July in 3 different online magazines.

My science fiction story Flower Consultant was published in Aurora Wolf:

Cover_VincentVanGogh“Grandpa.” Katya hugged the old man who had just come through the customs. “Welcome to Nibelung Space Station. How was your flight?”
“Uneventful.” He hugged her back. “Hello, Kitten.”
“Let me show you around. This is you first visit to a space station?”
“First space ship too.” He glanced at the luggage cart with his two suitcases. The little plastic basket on wheels faithfully rolled after them, its electronic signals flashing blue. Katya tugged her grandfather down the corridor towards the lifts, and the cart followed.
“Shouldn’t we take the bags home first?” he asked.
“No. I’ll just program the cart to deliver the bags to my home.”
She stopped in front of the freight conveyer, typed the required information into the cart’s onboard computer, and pushed it onto the crawling conveyer belt. The cart promptly got lost behind dozens of similar carts, all heading towards the black mouth of the sorting office.
“It’ll be waiting for us at home.” She grinned at the old man’s surprised look. “Everything is automatic. You’re not tired, are you?”
“No. Let’s see your station. Lead the way, Katenka.”
Read the rest here.

My fantasy story Taxidermist’s Riddle was published in Lorelei Signal:

Cover_WilliamBouguereau11_3by4Wily master hid the tails,
Didn’t leave a chart.
Gloomy night expanded veils,
To preserve and guard.
Blazing flame unlocked the scales,
Teeth and claws and all.
Graceful maiden found trails,
Where shadows fall.

The flames shot up over the dry kindling, and Vasilisa shivered.  Somehow, burning her father’s body felt final. He had been dead for two days, but while she could still see his white face, she could pretend he was here. No more. From now on, she was on her own.
She scuttled deeper into the shallow cave, away from the drizzle and the cold breeze that carried the repulsive stink of burning meat. Her father had said in his will that he wanted to be burned here, not in the city cemetery, and Vasilisa obeyed his last wish. She had driven his body, wrapped in canvas, into the hillside village where he was born. Then she had left her donkey at the inn below and labored up the steep path with a barrow, pushing her father’s heavy corpse up the hill. Stupid man. Why did he have to make this last parting so hard on her?
She opened the letter included in his will again, but it was the same as before. It contained nothing but a riddle. Not a very good one; her father had been the best taxidermist in the kingdom but no poet. Whatever tails and claws he wanted her to find—probably a stash of some rare hides for a rainy day—she couldn’t even guess at the location. Why a flame? Why scales? Why didn’t he tell her straightaway instead of composing his silly riddle?
Read the rest here.

My fantasy flash fiction Carmela’s Copy was published in The Flash Fiction Press:

Cover_FranciscoGoya_3by4“I want this painting.” The American pointed at Carmela’s copy on the easel. He had roamed Francisco Goya’s studio for an hour before finally making his selection, and it wasn’t a Goya’s painting.
“Uhm,” Carmela dithered. “The painting is not ready yet and not signed. Senor Goya—”
“I’m prepared to pay handsomely,” the American said and named his price. “I think it’s ready.” He patted his big belly smugly. “I like it the way it is.”
Carmela gulped. For this much money, she could pay all her debts and hire a day nurse for her grandpa. She could buy a decent house too, so her grandpa could spend his last days in comfort instead of dying on a cold pallet in their dingy hovel. Could she sell her painting as her master’s?
Read the rest here.




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3 Responses to Three stories published

  1. Widdershins says:

    Excellent storytelling. 😀

  2. Denise Covey says:

    Olga, congratulations! This is fantastic! What great shorts! I hope you’re thinking about a fantasy story idea for the IWSG anthology! Keep it up!

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