Do you have goals – July 2016 report

DoYouHaveGoalsIt is time again for the monthly blog hop Do You Have Goals, hosted by Misha Gericke and Beth Fred. Here is what happened with my writing in July.

Short stories

  • Wrote             – 0 new stories
  • Submitted      – 6 stories
  • Rejected         – 4 stories
  • Accepted         – 1 story
  • Published       – 3 stories (For more information, see my previous post.)

I finally resumed writing the second novella of my regency series about Carlyle sisters. The first one, Fibs in the Family, is doing well on wattpad. By now, it has collected 3.9K reads plus multiple Likes. I only wrote one chapter of the new novella before I was interrupted by short stories… again. They are becoming a nuisance. Two new short stories started simmering in my head. Neither is written yet, I still have to figure out how they both end, but I started on them both. One of them isn’t even original. It’s fan fiction, the first fan fiction I’ve ever attempted. It’s based on Wen Spencer’s Elfhome universe. I hope to finish them both and return to my novella soon.

Art projects
Designed a cover for Denisa Lupu’s story on wattpad, Liga Dragonului. Not sure what language the author is writing in, and she supplied the picture for the cover. I like the result.

Goals for August

  • Keep submitting my short stories.
  • Continue working on my second regency novella.
  • Do something with my facebook page. No progress here yet.
  • My ongoing goal – look for a critic group in fantasy genre. No progress here yet.


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4 Responses to Do you have goals – July 2016 report

  1. JEN says:

    WordPress is making me crazy… I don’t know if my previous comment went through, so here it is again: Congrats on your writing progress! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Misha says:

    Very cool cover. 🙂

    I also have a tendency to get my main story interrupted by other ideas. Mostly they’re new ideas for novels, though.

  3. You are very productive, Olga. I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of short stories. Great to read and great to write, especially if your time is limited. By the way, just read your Flower Consultant story, having followed the link from your previous post. Loved it 🙂

  4. Lidy says:

    Congrats on the success of Dibs on the Family on Wattpad. Right now my goals for August is to do well in the Wattys and complete the draft of my first romance. Than writing more poems and get back into the submission game.

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