Grave Escape published

As I mentioned before, my fantasy story Grave Escape was released by Bards and Sages Quarterly, as part of their series The Society of Misfit Stories. I have the link now.

Here is the blurb from Amazon:
How far would you go for your freedom? Two young women, desperate to escape the oppression of those who torture them in order to harness their magical powers, engage in a desperate escape attempt. But when the path to freedom goes through long-forgotten crypts, the destination leads to unexpected revelations.
The story is sold as a Kindle Single for $0.98 and is available as part of Kindle Unlimited. You could buy it here.

It is also eligible for their 2016 Reader’s Choice Award poll as a Favorite Misfit. If you would like to vote for my story, go to their poll page, scroll down to the Favorite “Misfit” section, and click on my name. Thank you.

Note #1: I have a very good experience with this magazine. They have another story of mine accepted for publication some time in 2017.

Note #2: When I write my stories, I always start with a visual. As soon as I have an idea for a story, I scour my collection of classical art for an appropriate image and make a cover for the story. For some reason, it helps me write it. I have a cover for this story too and I offered it to the publisher, but they rejected it. They want continuity with all the stories in the Misfit series, so all the covers look alike, only the author names and titles are different. But I want to offer you my own cover here. I like it better.

my cover image

Painting by Emile Auguste Hublin


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3 Responses to Grave Escape published

  1. That is a gorgeous cover. Love the style!

  2. Julie Reeser says:

    Congratulations on this, Olga! That’s wonderful. (I like your cover better, too.)

  3. Loni Townsend says:

    I like your cover better too. It’s got less noise about it, making it cleaner and more catching to the eye. Oh well. Congrats on your publication!

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