October report

DoYouHaveGoalsIt is time again for the monthly blog hop Do You Have Goals, hosted by Misha Gericke and Beth Fred. Here is what’s happened with my writing since the last update.

Short stories

Several stories rejected and resubmitted. No new acceptances or new publications. Finished my fantasy story for the IWSG anthology and submitted it. Still working on my fanfiction story, set in Wen Spencer’s Elfhome universe.


I’ve finished revising my novelette Open, Charlie and started posting it on wattpad. So far, I’ve posted 5 chapters. Open, Charlie is a steampunk-ish story set in America at the beginning of the 20th century. It features a brave eighteen-year-old girl Charlie, gifted with metal magic, a dirigible, and a handsome stage magician. Love is in the air for Charlie… if she could escape her evil stepfather’s clutches. Here is a link to Chapter One.

My regency novella Fibs in the Family on wattpad is doing very well. It gets new readers every time I check. By now, it has over 11,000 reads and more than 700 likes.


Wrote a memoir essay for the blog hop Constellations about my childhood, tomatoes, and a train trip. Here it is: https://olgagodim.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/tomato-train/. Got quite a few comments. What surprised me in those comments was that while I intended the story as an entertaining interlude, most readers’ reaction could be summed up with a phrase: “How horrible for you!” I’m glad my story inspired some emotional response, but it was not what I expected.

Art projects

October was a good month for my art projects. I created a map/schedule of the dirigible flights for Open, Charlie. Added it to Chapter Four on wattpad. Click on the map to see a larger image.

Also made an alternative cover for Open, Charlie. Added it to Chapter Five on wattpad.

Created a couple book covers for other wattpad writers. One is a sci-fi story about an android. Another an epistolary romance. Both were accepted by the writers, which makes me proud.  I’m still learning the craft of book cover design, so every acceptance counts.

Goals for November

  • Resume working on my second regency novella.
  • Finish my fan fiction short story, set in Wen Spencer’s Elfhome universe, and publish it on wattpad.






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9 Responses to October report

  1. Julie Reeser says:

    Sounds like a great month! Congrats on all your success. Your book covers are wonderful!

  2. Wow! It sounds like you did a lot of work both on writing and covers. Nicely done!

  3. Hey, one of those dirigible flights looks like it touches my neck of the woods. (Eastern PA) Cool!
    Sounds like you’re keeping on the good goal track. Way to go.

  4. JEN Garrett says:

    Congrats on your accomplishments! I made a cover for my NaNoWriMo project, so I know how hard it is to create one of those.

  5. Hi Olga, I’m interested to see you write both historical fiction AND sci-fi. Both are a form of time-travel, but both seem to attract entirely different sets of readers! Congrats for achieving such a large readership on Wattpad. Does it take a lot of work to attract readers? How do you do it?

  6. Misha says:

    You’ve made great progress!

    Your short story for IWSG was awesome. I’m sure you stand a good chance. 🙂

  7. Olga Godim says:

    Thanks, everyone.
    @Ruth: I don’t do anything to promote my regency novella on wattpad. I did a little in the beginning, mostly tiny pushes on my website, when I posted it chapter by chapter, but now it seems to have acquired a life of its own.

  8. emaginette says:

    You sure keep yourself busy. I submitted to the anthology as well with a half hour to go. Cutting it this close was not my best hour. Fingers crossed that we both get in. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  9. cleemckenzie says:

    Those are amazing accomplishments! Congratulations on doing all of that and doing so well. I love those covers.

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