My fan-fiction on wattpad #1

cover_girlnight3_2by3Those of you who follow my blog know that I’ve been struggling with my first ever fan-fiction story. I finally finished it. It is a story based on Wen Spencer’s Elfhome universe.

I love Wen Spencer’s writing – she is one of my favorite urban fantasy writers – and I’ve read and enjoyed everything she has written. Her Elfhome universe, the location of her latest series that started with Tinker, has fascinated me from the beginning. The novels blend seamlessly urban fantasy and science fiction, elves and space travels, and their characters are some of the most intriguing folks in both genres. As a tribute to the author, I decided to write a story set in her universe, although the heroes and setting are my own. My story, Five Days of Elf, takes place soon after Tinker ended. The entire story unfolds in Vancouver, Canada.

In the beginning of Five Days of Elf, Lisa, a film school student, attends a local Shakespearean festival. As soon as the performance is over, a gun-toting terrorist  hops onto the stage and starts shooting actors and audience. Lisa could’ve been killed, if not for a young man in a gray turban who risks his life stopping the shooter.

The story comes in 5 parts. I’ve started posting it on wattpad. Part 1 is already there.


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1 Response to My fan-fiction on wattpad #1

  1. Congrats on finishing it! I don’t know much about Wattpad, but I keep hearing of some good opportunities that come along to authors on there.

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