Five Days of Elf complete on wattpad

cover_girlnight3_2by3For those who like urban fantasy writer Wen Spencer and her Elfhome universe, I’ve written a short story set in it. I love Wen Spencer and I adore her Elfhome series. Five Days of Elf is my first ever piece of fan-fiction. I have never written it before – never been tempted – but Elfhome got the better of me.

I wanted to post my story where other Elfhome fans were sure to find it but discovered, to my surprise, there is no such site, no place where the fans of this writer congregate. Not even her own website; it doesn’t invite communication, just serves as an information dispensary.

The only place where I found a couple of Elfhome fan-fiction stories is, but the stories there are at least 2 years old. No new ones.

So I posted my baby on wattpad. It is based on the Elfhome universe, but the characters and the plot are my own. In this story, Lisa, a film school student from Vancouver, Canada, attends a local Shakespearean festival, when a gun-toting terrorist starts a shooting spree. She could’ve been killed, if not for a young man in a gray turban who risks his life stopping the shooter. But the turbaned guy turns out not what he seems.

The story is complete. You can read it here.

I made the cover myself. The photo came from Pixabay, a wonderful free image website, and the girl on it looks exactly how I pictured Lisa, while I wrote her story.




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2 Responses to Five Days of Elf complete on wattpad

  1. Nick Wilford says:

    I wasn’t aware of this series, but I liked your story. I’ve read Part One and will be back to read the rest later. I do like the idea of elves living on earth in disguise!

  2. Donna L Hole says:

    Fantastic to be trying something new. Look at you getting all involved in a fascinating community 🙂

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