Bill Gekas, the Aussie photographer

I think I’m in love. You know I occasionally write here my musings about visual arts, but my posts usually talk about old paintings. This time, my post is about modern photography. I just learned about the Aussie photographer Bill Gekas.

He photographs his young daughter in the historical or bizarre costumes and settings, and his photos are truly amazing. And his model – oh gosh! She is so sweet in those getups. Look at his gallery, folks.

Here is probably my favorite shot:


Or maybe this one:

Joker's child

Truly, go look at his gallery. There are too many to choose from. He is pretty famous, won a bunch of awards, and no surprise. I’m telling you, I’m in love. His images make my heart beat faster. Of course, I wanted to share.

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6 Responses to Bill Gekas, the Aussie photographer

  1. spunkonastick says:

    I bet his daughter loves dressing up for him, too.

  2. Fascinating photos! Thanks for sharing these.

  3. I like the one of her looking at the ocean with a telescope. This is a talented artist!

  4. cheriereich says:

    What awesome photographs! Thanks for sharing about Bill Gekas’s photography.

  5. I really like your favorite one too. It is amazing.

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