WW Photo Challenge: Butterflies

I’m participating in Celia Reaves‘ photo challenge. Every Friday, she posts a photo with a theme starting with a letter of the alphabet. The challenge started last week with the letter A. This week – it is the letter B.

I can’t post my own photos like she does, because I don’t take photos, but I do make pre-made book covers and post them in my deviantArt gallery. I’ll display one of my book covers here, as an entry into Celia’s challenge, and I’ll try to do that every week.

All my book covers are made from images I found on free image websites like Pixabay.com. The elemental font I use is as much a placeholder as the text. If anyone wants a cover your see here for your real book, let me know. I’ll make one for you with a different font, suitable for your title.

Butterflies for the B.

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5 Responses to WW Photo Challenge: Butterflies

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  2. Celia Reaves says:

    Beautiful! This image is so elegant and magical.

  3. Wow. And Wow again. Goodness that is a beautiful image from your talented self.

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