Shooting in Pittsburgh synagogue

Just read about the terrific shooting in Pittsburgh synagogue yesterday. So much hatred, without reason or provocation, just because those people are Jews. My grandmother’s entire family died in the Holocaust because of that same hatred, and it keeps rearing its ugly head again and again, so many years after the Nazis’ anti-Semitic campaign in Europe almost eradicated my nation.

I’m a Jew too, although I don’t go to synagogue. I feel such a profound compassion for the victims and their families; I mourn with them. This hate crime was directed at me. At my children. At my identity. Why did he do it? Why does that killer hate us so much?

I don’t usually read the news – I dislike politics – but this report caught my eyes on the internet for two reasons. First, because I’m a Jew. Second, because it happened in Pittsburgh. You see, Pittsburgh is a location of my favorite fantasy series of books by Wen Spencer. In her world, elves and magic live in Pittsburgh. Of course, the elves have enemies, and there is struggle and controversy aplenty, like in any fantasy novel, but even those malevolent enemies of the elves have a reason for their hatred. Unlike the man who picked up his guns and headed to a synagogue on a peaceful Saturday morning just because he wanted to shoot the Jews.

In Wen Spencer’s Elfhome universe, there is no antisemitism in Pittsburgh. I want to live in her world. I even wrote a fan-fiction novella set in her version of Pittsburgh. I’ve started posting it on my wattpad account. If you’re interested in what could’ve happened in Pittsburgh with elves, sans a crazy synagogue shooter, here is the link.

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  1. Widdershins says:

    The thought occured to me when I heard about this latest atrocity, that this is shadowing the runup to so-called ‘free elections’ in countries that are run by fascist dictatorships. 😦

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