A to Z Challenge – Letter Y

You wouldn’t think the word YARN fits the speculative fiction genre. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe this cover would do better for a book about knitting. Or maybe the yarn itself is magical. Anyway, for the letter Y, here is my take.

If there was magical yarn, what would it do? What would a sweater made of it do? Would it make you invisible? Would it cure any illness? Or would it turn your skin green?

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5 Responses to A to Z Challenge – Letter Y

  1. ahtdoucette says:

    I love that idea of magical thread. I’ve often liked to picture the whole world as being constantly made and remade out of cloth of such a kind that it looks like reality as we know it, but it’s all just the clothes thrown over reality as it is.

  2. It certainly fits – in so many ways. What is fiction but a yarn after all? And I love the idea of a magic thread – which is present in so many mythologies already. Your cover is, as always, outstanding.

  3. Steph W says:

    Magical needlecraft reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle!

  4. Anne Nydam says:

    I think of Ariadne’s yarn guiding Theseus through the labyrinth, and the Fates weaving with yarn, and Sleeping Beauty pricked by the spindle when she tries to spin yarn, and of course the miller’s unnamed daughter spinning straw into golden yarn… I think yarn fits in with fantasy very well indeed! I especially like the idea of magical yarn guiding you.
    I love the yarn balls sprinkled over the background of your rich-looking cover.
    Black and White: Y for Yuwara Ul Sahd

  5. Frédérique says:

    Hmm, magic yarn, Invisible Sweater sounds good! Yarn is a thread, this can be the magical material, thread linking to animals, dead people, etc.

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