Almost AdeptAdept #1
To prove her Adept potential, seventeen-year-old mage Eriale embarks on a quest. And she falls in love. She had never been in love before, and falling in love feels almost as joyful as working magic. Until she is faced with a terrifying task: to hunt and destroy a power-hungry blood mage.

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Champagne/Burst (ebook)
Amazon (Kindle)

EagleEnGarde_smallEagle #1
In Talaria, the fanatical sect of Cleaners rampages against magic, but one swordsman, Darin Barclay, stands in their way. Magic has never had a smarter protector.


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Champagne/Burst (ebook)
Amazon (Kindle)

Bridget_Cover3Short stories
After smuggling her familiar, squirrel Beatrice, to Canada, young witch Darya embarks on a series of adventures. Whenever Darya needs a supportive ear or a sharp setdown, Beatrice is there for her, loving and grumbling. Together they kick butt of the bad guys and always help friends in trouble.

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Smashwords (epub, pdf, mobi)
Amazon (Kindle)

Lost and Found in RussiaThis is my only non-fantasy novel, a contemporary women’s fiction. Two mothers – Amanda and Sonya – are searching: for their daughters and for themselves. While Amanda travels to Russia to find her biological daughter, Sonya struggles to regain her daughter’s trust. While Amanda rediscovers her femininity, Sonya dreams of dancing.

Buy Lost and Found in Russia:
Eternal Press


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