Almost Adept

My novel Almost Adept was released from Burst Books on January 5, 2014. Almost Adept image

For the seventeen-year-old mage Eriale, magic is a source of joy, and she often uses her magic to solve problems. Unfortunately, such solutions sometimes get out of hand. Her latest magical caper was a disaster. She has to leave home in a hurry to escape retribution but she decides to turn her shameful fleeing into a magical quest. She expects a glittering foreign escapade but ends up in Grumesh, the land rife with treachery and violence. A local courier Kealan becomes her only friend and ally. Together, they survive an explosion, a treacherous incarceration, and a daring escape. Sparks of interest ignite between them, but before Eriale can explore her attraction to Kealan, she discovers blood magic ruining amok in the city. As an aspiring Adept, she is duty-bound to find and eliminate the blood mage of Grumesh. She can’t allow her budding romance to distract her, or the blood magic will taint the entire land. No matter the cost—her life or her heart—she can’t let the vile mage win.

The gorgeous green cover art is by Trisha FitzGerald.

Find the book:
• On Champagne/Burst website
• On Amazon (with a sample)



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