Lost and Found in Russia

This novel is unusual for me – the only one that is not fantasy. It was published by Eternal Press in February 2013.

Lost and Found in Russia imageIt’s is a contemporary women’s fiction, the exploration of mother-daughter relationship, and a self-discovery tale.
After the shocking revelation that her daughter was switched at birth 34 years ago, Canadian scholar Amanda embarks on a trip to Russia to find her biological daughter. Intertwined with the account of Amanda’s journey is the story of Sonya, a 34-year-old Russian immigrant and a former dancer, currently living in Canada. While Amanda wades through the mires of foreign bureaucracy, Sonya struggles with her daughter’s teenage rebellion. While Amanda rediscovers her femininity, Sonya dreams of dancing. Both mothers are searching: for their daughters and for themselves.

The magnificent cover art by Dawné Dominique

You can buy this novel, as an ebook or in print:
•  Eternal Press
•  Amazon
Or your favorite online book retailer


1 Response to Lost and Found in Russia

  1. Oh, wow… How touching! I want to get my hands on this. What inspired you to do this? Sounds like something that actually happened. ❤


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