Flash fiction

I haven’t written many flash fiction stories; I tend to write longer, but here are the ones that I have written. Some of them are fantasy. Others are not.

Basilisk Contract
How to make a basilisk steak out of … something else.

Don’t Believe in Trolls
Bell knows how to disable a malevolent troll. Do you?

Amber Spirit
This spirit has an unfinished business. She needs to find a writing body.

Trading Wishes
Liliana wants to design movie costumes. A water elemental wants to live in the sea. Perhaps they could help each other.

Bring Copper Pots
A fantasy joke

Carmela’s Copy
Forgery is a crime, isn’t it? Unfortunately, Carmela has no choice but to put the signature of her master, Francisco Goya, on her own painting.

Mermaid’s Mackintosh
When Chloe’s youthful nightmares suddenly become reality, she holds on to the only secure thing in her world – her mackintosh.

Hannah’s Rugelach
Baking rugelach, surviving Holocaust, giving love a second chance. Hannah has done it all.

Blue Santa
Even a blue alien can become Santa Clause… if the time is right.



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