Book cover design

I can create a cover for your ebook.

You can see all my pre-made covers here, on my deviantArt page. Most of them are speculative fiction. I used the same ‘placeholder’ font on all the images, but of course, the font will change with the title of your story. All pre-made covers $20.

All my covers use existing images from a variety of sources. All images are copyright-free. If you already have an image in mind, I will use it. If not, we’ll discuss the possibilities.


  • Historical romance
  • Historical fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Contemporary romance or chicklit

The turnout will be fast, a few days at the most. I can do other genres as well, but they will require more time for the image search.


  • A short summary of your book, including its genre
  • The details of the setting – time period, location (e.g. city, forest, sea), season/weather
  • Physical descriptions of your protagonists
  • The texts on the cover – author’s name, book title, series name, tagline, etc.

If you have a cover or two in mind that you like, send me the links or the pictures. I’ll use them as a guideline. If you have a suggestion (e.g. “a half-naked lady with her head cut off” or “a medieval castle and a mouse”), let me know. I will accommodate your wishes if I can.

The standard cover size is 1400 pixels by 2100 pixels, unless you request different dimensions.

I’ll do a maximum of 3 revisions.

I’ve created covers for several wattpad stories. You could see them here.

If interested, contact me through the contact form in the upper menu.


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