Short stories

In the last few years, my short stories have been published in various online and print magazines. Most of my stories are science fiction or fantasy, although there are a few magic realism stories. I re-edited and posted them on Wattpad and FictionPress. They are free to read. Below is the list of stories with the links and the magazines they first appeared in.

•  Nude Bargain                            Perihelion SF, 2013
•  MacCarver Pirouette                Aoife’s Kiss, 2010

•  Pony Exchange                         Lorelei Signal, 2012
•  Winter Choice                           Silver Blade, 2012
•  The Answer Is Yes                    Sorcerous Signals, 2011
•  Magic, Sword… and Turnips   Sorcerous Signals, 2010
•  That Pesky Magic                    Bewildering Stories, 2007

Magic realism
•  Sylphid’s Legacy                       Sugar Mule, 2013
•  Twist of Luck                            Gypsy Shadow Publishing, 2012
•  Dream Frigate                          Toe to Toe Anthology, 2008


One Response to Short stories

  1. Just read Magic, Sword and Turnips. Loved it. Can’t wait to savor the rest.

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