Short stories

Since 2007, my short stories have been published in various online and print magazines and anthologies. Most of my stories are science fiction or fantasy, although there are a few magic realism stories. I re-edited and posted them on Wattpad and FictionPress. They are free to read. Below is the list of stories with the links and the magazines they first appeared in.

•  Nude Bargain                            Perihelion SF, 2013
•  MacCarver Pirouette                Aoife’s Kiss, 2010

•  Taxidermist’s Riddle                The Lorelei Signal, 2016
•  Hidden in the Mirror      , 2016
•  Pony Exchange                          The Lorelei Signal, 2012
•  Winter Choice                            Silver Blade, 2012
•  The Answer Is Yes                     Sorcerous Signals, 2011
•  Magic, Sword… and Turnips   Sorcerous Signals, 2010
•  That Pesky Magic                      Bewildering Stories, 2007

Magic realism
•  Sylphid’s Legacy                       Sugar Mule, 2013
•  Twist of Luck                            Gypsy Shadow Publishing, 2012
•  Dream Frigate                          Toe to Toe Anthology, 2008



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  1. Just read Magic, Sword and Turnips. Loved it. Can’t wait to savor the rest.

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